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Have you always loved to immerse yourself in stationery shops and comb through colorful pens and notebooks? Do you have a real obsession with lists and organization? Do you love watching people who create, color and decorate using the best stationery items? Well you ended up on the right article for you!
Unfortunately, even if you are a true creative person, you don’t always have time for your imagination or planning activities.
Every day we have to do a thousand things: study, work, appointments, gym, etc. Too often we forget that it is important to dedicate time for ourselves and give space to the activities we love the most. Creativity can be an excellent relief to relax and give space imagination!
The best way to do this is to find a moment to stay at home, take your head off all those things that “we” have to do and find time to do the things we really want to do!
In this article we will give some creative ideas to all those who, are not simply looking for something to do when they are at home, but are also true lovers of stationery and paper.
We will start from the simplest activities, which can be managed independently, to the hardest ones …
Proceed step by step and accept the challenge!



Often a real stationery lover owns a beautiful planner, a notebook, a calendar but decides to use it partially or in the wrong way. Planning your time, when you have few hours for yourself, can be extremely productive and reassuring. Planning can be a very useful activity when we feel overwhelmed by commitments and we would like to better manage our free time.
Choose the planning tool you love most (a bullet journal, a notebook, a planner, a weekly desk pad, etc.) and fill it with things to do, from the most boring to the funniest one! But don’t stop here … choose something that can “cheer up” your schedule like paper clips, stickers or beautiful colorful pens. Draw and decorate as much as you can!
You will not regret the time spent in this beautiful activity.





Students’ lives can be very complicated and confused because they always have to collect notes, rearrange them, read new chapters, perform tasks, etc.
Often they are not able to do it in a structured way because they always have homeworks, exams and excersices to do. Why torturing yourself in this way?
Take advantage of some free time, forced or not, to decide how to organize all the work. If you are a true stationery lover, you will also have all the tools to make a perfect study plan. Use a planner or calendar to give the right priorities to the subjects and divide them according to the urgency. In this way, you will find a fantastic starting point to create conceptual maps, diagrams and summaries.
This activity becomes fundamental above all because you will have everything under control, then you can “review” the planning from time to time.
As a true expert, use colorful pens, stickers, washi tape, paper clips and everything you need to color and make everything much more pleasant to manage!




Are you a creative person? Then you have to learn  how to paint! Obviously it is a huge world and you will have to follow your instincts. There are a thousand ways to learn how to paint, choose a technique you prefer and start. Brushes, colors (we recommend watercolors) and imagination will be enough. Find a tutorial on YouTube and turn into the next Frida Khalo!






What is a bullet journal? If you don’t know this brand new trend in the world of stationery, you must absolutely discover it! The bullet journal is the new ally of organization and planning. Unlike a classic agenda or any other organizational tool, it allows you to fully express your vision for structuring, planning or managing everyday activities. It is a truly versatile and extremely creative tool!
If you take a look on Instagram using the hashtag #bulletjournal you will discover an infinite world.
Just try!




Who has never had the chance to travel? Surely in your life you have made travels and trips, more or less long. You have certainly taken some beautiful pics and documented all your memories. Unfortunately, unlike in the past, we are no longer able to “collect” the best moments. Precisely for this reason we recommend you to create a beautiful travel journal.
Creating one is not complicated because you simply need to choose a notebook in which you can collect all the best memories and experiences. Print some meaningful photos, add a description, use stickers, colors and any other detail to enrich your journal. You will have a special notebook to recall all the special moments, and you will also have the opportunity to free your imagination!





But what are origamis? When we talk about origami we refer to an ancient Japanese art which consists in “folding” the paper. This is a very satisfying recreational activity for those who can learn it! A simple sheet of paper can transform into a beautiful flower, a swan or a bookmark.
Surely it won’t be easy to face this type of challenge, but try it!




Lettering consists in the ability to draw letters, numbers and punctuation in almost an artistic and highly decorative way.  Those who engage in this type of “exercises” experience the ability to transcribe letters and / or words composed using the most varied fonts and giving a sophisticated touch to what they write. Learning the art of lettering can be really nice in order to have really “artistic” notes or notebooks. It is now very present in many because of these splendid writings, in fact they use it for many activities, for example for packaging or product customization.



We think we have given you many ideas to start from. Now you have no more excuses! Happy creativity!!