4 tips to create a perfect Christmas atmosphere!

December is here…this only means one thing: we are ready to create a perfect Christmas atmosphere!
We know many of you decorated their Christmas trees and started to light up their homes, but this much more than that. When we talk about atmosphere, we think about taking time and finally realize Xmas is coming! Let’s see 4 tips to discover how to get into that mood!


1. Choose a proper music playlist

The first step for creating the perfect Christmas environment is to find the right music! There are sooooo many songs about this time of the year but we selected the best ones (for us) to fill the air. Just click on the this link, subscribe our newsletter and have fun!


2. Light up a candle

Smell is one of the strongest senses. When you smell something it immediately reminds you a place, a moment or a person. Choosing the perfect candle to create a Christmas atmosphere is so IMPORTANT! We suggest you candles that have fragrances of cinnamon, orange, cardamom, gingerbread and clove. Simply perfection!


3. Prepare a cinnamon tea

So, right now in your room there are magic sound, smell of Christmas, now you need to get into the mood with a relaxing tea! We suggest you to prepare a hot cup of tea with cinnamon flavours. You can buy one at grocery store or make your own tea with a cinnamon stick. Put it in your cup, wait for 5-8 minutes, filter it and it’s ready! For a perfect result, add a small spoon of honey.


4. Watch a Christmas movie

Right now your home is like Santa’s house!! For a great moment of relax, switch your playlist off, take your cup of tea and watch a Christmas movie! There are so many options. What we suggest you today are real classics: HARRY POTTER SAGA, HOME ALONE SERIES, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET and LOVE ACTUALLY. You can agree or not but we suggest our favorite ones!


Stay tuned for more Christmas ideas! This December won’t be the same without us! 😉