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Stationery Kit – Back to School


Ready to go back to school? Don’t miss this kit!

Each kit contains:
-One “Back to Work Journals + Bookmark
-One “Happy Desk Notepad


Back to School

Ready to start again? Don’t miss this stationery kit to go back to school and to work! We made a kit of products for all stationery lovers to plan and organize their activities! Our inspiration is the typical desk of travellers, dreamers and hard workers.

Each kit contains:
-One “Back to Work Journals + Bookmark
-One “Happy Desk Notepad

We always use unique designs to create our products, in order to make each item original! We also think about every use so that stationery lovers can decide how to use these products at best. When you buy a Very Wonder product, you also buy something that is really made with passion and love. Don’t miss the opportunity to have something really special on your desk! You can bring our notebooks anywhere, in your purse, backpack or luggage. It is very compact and useful!

If you want to make your notepad really “unique”, you should also choose nice ways to decorate it and make it pretty! Take a look to our stickers and you will make your notes very cute. We have a special selection of our illustrations that became transparent stickers you can put anywhere.


Very Wonder Stationery Kits

We are in love with stationery! Paper lovers can find a perfect gift idea in our stationery kits. They are a good way to study or work in a colorful way!


Back to Work Journals characteristics:
  • Size: 8,3 x 5,8 inches (A5; 21 x 14,8 cm)
  • Page count: 88 pages (each journal)
  • Paper: white wood free paper, 90 gr
  • Type: two stapled bullet journals
  • Features: flexible decorated cover; bullets inside; stapled.


Back to Work Bookmark characteristics:
  • Size: 8,3 x 2,2 inches (21 x 5,5 cm)
  • Paper: white wood free paper, 350 gr
  • Features: both inches and centimeter ruler


Happy Desk Notepad characteristics:
  • Size: 5,8 x 8,3 inches (A5; 14,8 x 21 cm)
  • Page count: 50 pages
  • Paper: Natural white paper