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People are always looking for new ways to fight stress and spend a relaxing time at home. Many decide to practise sport, others start meditating, some are always looking for new funny activities to lower their stress levels.
One of the funniest activities that people find very useful consists in colouring. But what is it?


What is colouring?

Colouring is an activity that let people color a “line art” using the techniques they prefer (pencils, pens, painting, etc..). This type of “art” doesn’t pretend people to be such good artists so that everyone can spend time feeling the new Van Gogh!
Usually you can find books, journals and many other ways to practice colouring. It is really the new antistress therapy! If you are looking for something to do at home, relax and let your mind travel, we really suggest colouring.
Creative people are the ones that mostly love these activities, especially because they can personalize many different draws following their own style.


What to do during quarantine? Start colouring!

During these quarantine days, colouring is becoming one of the most loved activities. Many people are looking for ways to spend time at home and focus on positive vibes. This is why starting to color becomes extremely funny!

Is it also an activity to start with kids?

Another important reason why people love it so much is that they can do it with their kids. When schools are closed, when weather is rainy or whenever children are forced to stay home, you can start a colouring book with them! This is one of best activities you can start. In case you think a book is too challenging, online you can find cute colouring sheets to spend time with your kids.
Besides colouring, we also suggest starting a journal full of memories (pics and cute sentences) and décorate it with stickers, draws and paintings. It is a very creative activity to keep kids busy, without getting bored.

On the occasion of this special historic moment, Very Wonder decided to give you two special colouring sheets, designed by us! One is perfect for your kids, the other one is perfect for adults too!
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Have fun with colours!