Our Story


Brand and mission

VeryWonder is a lifestyle and stationery brand. Our products are inspired by watercolor art and suggest beautiful symbols around the world. They’re designed and crafted in Italy using high quality materials, taking care for our customers.
Our mission is to color homes and lives to celebrate imagination and love for “wonder”. We believe life is a special journey and we want to enrich it with positive and lovely products!

Who we are

Hello! We’re dreamers, travelers and new adventures’ lovers. We started a Very challenging journey to connect with people who have our same passions. We hope you will love our work and in case you want to give suggestions or just talk contact us!

Art & Wonder collide

  • Watercolor Inspiration
    Our brand is inspired by watercolor illustrations. Each product is originally crafted by the artist and digitalized on the basis of each category.
  • Wonder
    Everyone is a wonderer! We believe every man and woman has a strong and irresistible impulse to “wonder” and discover. Our products want to celebrate it through landscapes, objects and symbols using imagination!
  • Carefully Crafted in Italy
    Original illustrations are created and crafted by an italian artist, using the highest quality materials. We shape each watercolor creation in a special product for our customers.